Step Into Serving at CLC!

We have lots of ways to get involved on Sunday’s and throughout the week at CLC by joining one of our many serving teams.  Our current teams are:


  • Intercessory Prayer Team – This team of intercessors covers all of our services and leaders in prayer as well as prays for people during alter times during services.
  • Pure Flow Prophetic Team – This trained team ministers through the gift of prophecy during various services and CLC events.


  • Kidslife – The Kidlsife team ministers to kids ages 1st – 5th grade. This team’s mission is to lay the foundation to help kids understand what it means to “walk with God and to be like Jesus.” During this time, we want them to begin building a life-long relationship with God.
  • Kidslife Jr. – The Kidslife Jr. team ministers to kids ages new born through age 5. This team’s mission is to create and environment for kids from birth to age 5 during almost every CLC gathering where they can discover why God made them, how much God loves thems, and that He has something special planned for them. This team creates an environment with lots of bubbles, music, hugs, and smiles.
  • Kidslife Check-IN – This team welcomes families as they arrive at our Kids areas and facilitates the check-in process that ensures children are cared for effectively and safely.
  • Consumed Middle School – Join the team that is help building the next generation. This team exists to lead middle school students (6th – 8th grade) into a consuming relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Consumed High School – Join the team that is help building the next generation. This team exists to lead high school students into a consuming relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • Worship – Through singing, instruments, or audio engineering, this team leads us to experience the presence of God.
  • Media / Tech – This tech savvy, creative team reaches the world by delivering the Word and worship through lighting, computer graphics, camera, steaming, and more.
  • Dance – This team leads us in worship through dance. This team is open to all ages.
  • Drama – This team helps visually illustrate messages, promotions, and more.
  • Greeters – This friendly team loves on people and makes them feel right at home at CLC.   They welcome guest with a smile, hugs, & words of encouragement so that hearts are open to receive from God.
  • Ushers – This team welcomes and assists people with seating, facilitates the collection of the offering, organizes and restocks the information in the seat backs, and supports the intercessory prayer team during CLC experiences.
  • First Time Guest Experience – This team desires to make every first time guest feel welcomed and loved. They greet guests during CLC experiences, give facility tours, connect guests with people and information, and have a part in the guest assimilation follow up process.
  • Parking Lot – This fun and energetic team is the front line of CLC! If you love being outside and love people this is the spot for you. This team helps facilitate where people park as well as welcoming guests on the way into our facilities.
  • Security – The security team is always there, you probably just don’t know who they are. This trained team makes sure that CLC is a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Offering Stewards – This team counts an all monies that come in through the offerings at CLC.   In addition to counting they also match and enter data to personal profiles.
  • Café – This friendly team is always brewing up fresh coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, and ready to take your order! The Café team serves during various CLC experiences.
  • Event Team – From special Sunday events to conferences to missions dinners, this is the team that makes it all go round. If you love hospitality, planning, and leading teams, then this is the team for you.


  • LifeGroups – We believe that growth happens best in the context of relational discipleship. As a LifeGroup leader you have the greatest opportunity to disciple other by connecting, loving, and leading a small group and having a first hand experience fulfilling the Great Commission. Our LifeGroups at CLC are open market and range from bible studies to basketball games.


  • N2 :: Neighborhood Outreach Team – This team is focused on bringing God’s love to our community through various events & outreaches.
  • N2 :: Nations Trips Team – This team utilizes their gift of administration and organization to support people who desire to go on one of our many international missions trips.


  • Growth Track – As the official hosts of our Growth Track, this team provides and organizes materials, teaches classes, greets guests, and help administratively throughout our four classes.
  • Baptism Attendants – This team helps with CLC’ers be ready for water baptism.   This team prays, encourages, helps prepare people’s testimonies, and explains what water baptism is all about.
  • Salvation Attendants – This team walks people through their next step after an individual commits their life to Jesus Christ by praying with them, following up with them, and by showing them different areas to plug in.
  • Congregational Care – This team cares and loves on our CLC community by visiting people in the hospital and nursing homes and supporting the Pastoral staff in funerals and weddings.
  • Encouragement Team – Do you have the gift of encouragement? This is the team for you. This team writes letters, makes phone calls, and creates and sends care packages for our college students and military families.
  • Volunteer Services – This team hosts our very own CLC volunteers by providing refreshments, prayer, and encouragement during services and events.


  • Facilities – This team works behind the scenes to ensure that our facilities look excellent. Serving opportunities include special events as well as special projects.

Ready to Join a Serving Team at CLC?

If you would like to join one of our many serving teams at CLC all you have to do is go through a growth track.  If you have already attended growth track and would like to try out another serving area all you have to do is attend growth track class four.

Growth Track meets on consecutive Sunday’s at 11am in our Next Steps Room (103).